Dämonische (Damonische)

DeV [Teatro Satanico]

CD Jewel Box (SM 003) - SOTTOMONDO

Certainly it is not essential to know that DeV is the solo project of TEATRO SATANICO’s deviLs g. for “Dämonische” is clearly a Satanic album even though its own timbres differs completely,
where droning and glitching suddenly turn into harsh cloudy atmosphere and move on mysterious listening paths.
DeV is working with his own ideas here, telling words of true esoteric nature differing from the exoteric lines we are used to hear from the “Satanic Theatre” and , along the way, conjuring up a new sort of magickal noise where each track is a key for decrypting and uncovering the inherent philosophy of his artwork, since, as he says, “WORD is WORLD” (VERBO è VERO).
“Dämonische” tells more than its tale, puts a new twist on the Satanic plot, or perhaps, and more to the point, it calls on its listeners to decrypt new lines made of pulsating noise for electronics and voice.
Strange combinations pointing to an eerie sort of electronic experimentation where the “Demonic” can’t be solved but just evoked.

1 Verbo è Vero 6:36
2 RV 7:22
3 Arbor Mortis 10:06
4 Dämonische ist dasjenige was durch verstand und vernunft nicht aufzulösen ist 2:57
5 Lucifero 8:42
6 Demoniaco è ciò che non si può risolvere con l'Intelletto e la Ragione 5:04
7 Liminale 9:25

Video .mpeg : Selbtmond 5:29

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