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Finally here we go with the first "Teatro Satanico" digital album !
A full-length CD album, a diabolic toos mpeg-video, a 12 pages booklet with spooky full-colour illustrations !
The noise-music of Teatro Satanico is a true “Satanic Mess” !
About 45 minutes of rough, strange and weird electronic noise, blended and messed up with Italian language and Veneto dialect devilish lyrics,
by this in-famous Italian project.

This enhanced CD contains also an mpeg format video clip version of a T.S. “PICCINA” (a.k.a. “Marta”), rendered by Muzakiller, a collective of anarch-antinomian artists devoted to perverted underground art.
These visual terrorists are the authors of all the illustrations and are responsible of the radical re-mixes of “Uomo, donna, dio” and “Comandante Bruno”, previously released on very limited hard-to-find vinyl editions.
For those into italian language : the booklet contains an inedited tale by Alberto Maria Kundalini (the Tearo Satanico's voice) explaining Satanic philosophy !

1 Introibo Ad Altarem Diaboli
2 Venetaranta
3 Bastardo!
4 Programmazione Neurolinguistica
5 Disciplina Scolastica
6 Nichilismo Teontologico
7 Uomo, Donna, Dio
8 Comandante Bruno

Video : Piccina

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