Repository of Brocken Dreams



Obsessing & destructive power electronics.
Released to coincide with Dysthymia's first live performance (San Diego - 14 Nov. 2006).
Limited to 50 copies.
Packaged in a recycled paper small box plus insert.

1 "The Dredful Joye Alwey That Slit So Yerne" - Finis... Yet Not Quite (11:01)
2 The Constant Dull Ache Of Mind & Body (4:15)
3 Numb And Broken, I Stare Blankly Into The Past (10:27)
4 A Sudden Impulse Of Self-Destructive Behaviour (7:15)
5 Can I Not Even Shed A Tear For Those Few Wonderful Moments? (3:09)
6 In My Innocence I Was Oblivious To The Storm On The Horizon (10:29)
7 Awaken To The Obvious Realization (3:13)

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