CD Digipak (DJR 007) - AQUARELLIST

Limited Edition 300 copies

The third full-legth album by Senketsu No Night Club.
Another Jazz-Noir chapter by those talented artists mixing to jazzy backgrounds some good doses of Industrial-Noises & dark-Ambient sounds.
The whole is spiced by the sensual & fetish imagery which only Furachi Life's can awake, the sexy japanese artist remains the muse of the band
and the perfect way to describe with just an image what you can expect from the muzak.

The Band:
Adriano Vincenti: Samples & Drones
Giovanni Leonardi: Guitars, Bass, Synth & Electronics
Ian Fergusson: Saxophone
Izzy Op De Beeck: Flugelhorn & Trumpet
Furachi Life: Images & Concept

1.  Hinshi No Kanaria
2.  Akuma No Hishi
3.  Birodo
4. Furasshu Back
5.  Sokubaku To Kiritsu
6.  Garan
7.  SanjuokuNo Joki

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