Fetor (Cassette)


Music Cassette (035) - ADVAITA

Limited Edition 200 copies

Reissue on cassette of Pure (pre Skullflower) Fetor album, originally released in 1987 by Birthbiter.

Skullflower is the pinnacle of guitar feedback noise and Pure is one of Matthew Bower's earlier explorations.
The refrain and feedback noise format that would later be perfected on Skullflower was already in place, but the echoed vocal and guitar refrain is a hallmark of this period.

Limted edition of 200
The artwork has been changed to a new Japanese style at the request of Matthew Bower.
Duplicated on the legendary 80's Nakamichi cassette deck ZX-7.

A1  Transformer 7:35
A2  Nigredo 6:01
A3  Untitled 6:35
A4  Null 5:56
A5  Volcano 8:49
A6  Bardo 5:01
B1  Live 4/10/88 18:51

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