Further Collusion

ZOVIET FRANCE [:zoviet*france:]

2xLP (VOD165.16/17) - VINYL ON DEMAND

Limited Edition 300 copies

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Zoviet France's Collusion exudes a rare beauty for an album of such varied sounds (each track was originally released on a different compilation).
A wide range of stylistic choices are on display, from the chilling account of the brutal murder/suicides from Jonestown on Ram to the surprisingly sedated and subtly beautiful Something This Beautiful, the album is a pretty great find for those looking for a taste without drudging through 20 odd releases.
Though the first includes a long passage from a religious-revival preacher (complete with the sample used for the title of the early-'90s rave hit "Injected with a Poison"), the dark ambience and white noise of later songs like "Sprey," "First Vigil" and "White Dusk" make for a surprisingly exciting album.

A1 With Us Today
A2 Sucking the Instrument
A3 Spike

B1 I Felt the Breath of my Assassin
B2 Soft and Close by Me
B3 False Witness

C1 Synaesthetica
C2 Mir
C3 Daisy Gun
C4 I’Saram

D1 Eleven Drops
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