Arise of fallen Conception



That dark ambiental music should somewhat have staggered in their own droones is far from true, Halgrath is here to proove that there is still vitality in this genre.
This truly inspiring and outstanding vision comes from the enlightened genius from Russian Ekaterina Alexandrova.
It is a natural step that the new fresh ideas comes from a female.
This scene has been dominated by men for too long.
And that new interesting ideas come from the fareast of Europe is no news.
Halgrath transmits the darkest beauty in an unique atmosphere built with her rofessionally
trained opera skills, whispers, screams and prays in foreign languages, as if spoken directly from her subconsious.
Hypnotic, ritualistic and ultra-deep sound-escapes, makes all together a telepathic creation of thoughts and emotions going directly to your inner.
Close your eyes and let the night come!

01 Night is coming
02 Crystal knows Coldness
03 Arise of Thousands Mindpieces
04 Shatari
05 Genom of God
06 Nothing is Everywhere
07 Ritual of Lost Epoch
08 Any Way is the Same Way

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