Out Of Time



Delve deep into the visions of opera vocalist Agrathas spiritual nightmares, where suffering and madness gets comforted by the calm hand of the dark expanding universe.
Halgrath is easiest described as Dark Ritual Ambient.
With her hypnotic incantations reverberating through heavy textures the atmosphere is oozing with quality of production.
Out of Time weaves a tale of souls lost in limbo, grasping to get back to reality, when their only outcome is to be discarded and shattered into pieces in the deep pits of non existance.

Tracklist :
1. Summoning of the Goddess 06:09
2. Out of Time 05:55
3. Down, Here 05:45
4. Deep Underwater 04:36
5. Horoathea Mass of Aegorath 05:38
6. Lethal Injection 06:37
7. Follow Eternity 03:50
8. The Resistance 05:32
9. Dark Dusty Corner 04:22
10. He led me through the Dark Caverns 05:22
11. We'll go through sorrow, holding each others hands 07:33
12. The light of the Earth's Spheres 05:41

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