CD Digipack (RIE106) - RAGE IN EDEN / W.O.P.

"The most spiritual men, as the strongest, find their happiness where others would find their destruction: in the labyrinth, in hardness against themselves and others, in experiments. Their joy is self-conquest.”
„Labyrinthos” may be regarded as the musical summary of Horologium’s work thus far, starting with the debut album „The Fire Sermon” and ending with their „Du Grand D¬ésir”, enclosed within nine new tracks.
This full-length takes you on a journey filled with military and ritual drumming, ambient film score muzak, sublime recitation and fiery sound collages.
An invitation to the labyrith, marking the tenth anniversary of Horologium.

Je Suis Ton Labyrinthe
En Quittant Delphes [mp3]
Mal Enchaîné
Les Flammes de la Volonté
Le Chant d'Ivresse (Version)
La Grande Déclaration de Guerre
La Révolte des Anges
La Sortie

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