Hypnose Générale


CD in 7" Folder (Art schock ‎– 03) - ART SCHOCK

Limited Edition 300 copies

At the origin of Nocturne there was "Saphi", he began his first analog and industrial experiences in 1994.
The first concerns were that of global memory and guilt, the notion of choice and free will.
In facing a situation we only find an attitude to adopt in order to react to an emergency and to keep us going.
Our biological logic is distinguished from the social logic, and our internal opposition goes against what we sometimes really are or would like to be.
It’s in the intimacy of reasoning which arise the first conflicts before their possible extensions, that oscillates Nocturne.
"Saphi" was now joined by "Cécile F.", they are now two working between rhythmic noise and dark electronics, acoustic instruments and machinery, singing and whispers.
The lyrics are chronicles of mood, inner voices finally delivered.
Noise among us in the incoherence that drives us crazy.
…We will even destroy our ruins before they destroy us!

The new Nocturne album "Hypnose Générale" was coming after six years of silence.
Six years was necessary to progress in this path that their music took.
Nocturne present their first mutual album between the duo Saphi & Cécile.
Best Old-School Industrial from France.

1 Confused 4:25
2 Si tu passes 5:45
3 Les villes 4:08
4 Hypnose générale 4:35
5 Made in asile 3:05
6 Persistance & Résistance 3:56
7 Stay alive 4:08
8 The more I see 4:12
9 Rappel 3:57
10 Derrière la porte 6:28
11 Noize against democracy 3:54
12 Perception du réel 7:14

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