Orbis Terrarum Requiem


CD Digipack (ZOHAR 008-2 ) - ZOHARUM

In Sgissors is known also for his album out on Beat of Pray.
"Orbis Terrarum Requiem" in brief means "The World's Requiem" or "The Earth's Requiem" and in the case of this album the second explanation given fits better to its concept and thematology.
It is a requiem for the destruction that has befallen Earth/Nature inflicted by humans.
It describes a world deserted and the only inhabitants are life forms that used to dwell beneath the Earth's surface even long before the Nature's fall and they still do after it...
For fans of Sanctum, Mental Destruction, Dead Man's Hill...

01 Attic-An Introduction (4:55)
02 Hypogeum Dweller (8:48)
03 Vierte Ritter (3:42)
04 Sealed Writings (6:48)
05 Wandering Gnome (4:11)
06 Orbis Terrarum Requiem (11:46)
07 Autumnal Asperges (7:22)
08 ... of Ancient Galleries (7:50)
09 Outro (1:05)

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