Horn Herald the Severity of the Day


CD Digipack (SK66) - STEINKLANG

Old school Death Industrial in best way.
Remainds to the sounds of certain Brighter Death Now, Maschinenzimmer 412 and early Lustmord...

Tracklist :
1 Rising The Sun From The West (The Introductory Part) 7:53
2 First Call Deafening Horn 7:52
3 Fire Will Spread To The Four Corners Of The World 8:29
4 Universe Is Enveloped By Fear 9:48
5 The Whole Earth Will Become A Flat Plain 6:28
6 The Second Sound Of The Archangel (All The Dead Rose) 12:48
7 The Horror Generated In The Soul (With Infinite Power) 4:18
8 Faces Covered With Black Haze 4:58
9 The Inevitable Outcome Of All Living Things 5:10

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