Inner Domain


2xCD Digifile (ZOHAR 203-2) - ZOHARUM

Limited Edition 300 copies

"Inner Domain" features Eric Jarl's (IRM, SKIN AREA) signature withdrawn electronics focused on isolation.
Psychedelic, chemical, unbalanced, from calm to destructive, insomnia with or without structure.
In this case the music was influenced by experiencing sleep paralysis.
Each disc deals with either the hypnagogic or hypnopompic state.
The before and after experience.
"Inner Domain" offers a more primitive and aggressive approach to sound but still has that psychedelic feel to it which hallmarks Jarl's works.
Recorded between 2007-2009 on either a 4 or 8 track recorder, the electronic sounds on the album were made with a wave form generator intertwined with acoustic sounds with lots of delay.
No computers were used during the recording process.
Reissue of two tapes released by Autarkeia in 2016, plus bonus tracks.
Comes in a 6-panel ecopak with stunning artwork by Karolina Urbaniak - Limited to 300 copies

1.1  Hypnagogic Domain Part 1 6:45
1.2  Hypnagogic Domain Part 2 8:24
1.3  Hypnagogic Domain Part 3 7:19
1.4  Hypnagogic Domain Part 4 20:57
1.5  Curare 15:04

2.1  Hypnopompic Domain Part 1 4:43
2.2  Hypnopompic Domain Part 2 5:49
2.3  Hypnopompic Domain Part 3 5:35
2.4  Hypnopompic Domain Part 6 6:34
2.5  Hypnopompic Domain Part 7 7:28
2.6  Hypnopompic Domain Part 8 4:38
2.7  Hypnopompic Domain Part 9 6:56
2.8 Hypnopompic Domain Part 11 11:15

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