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Autumndrones” — is a name which belongs to two musicians from cold Siberia – Becoming and Freeall.
They both have done soundtracks for short films, music for theatre plays and sound for commercials.
“Autumndrones” — can be explained as a love to autumn.
They did not want to dedicate the music to this season, they wanted to write it. Therefore they music was written during the fall only, and when the first autumn passed they left the unfinished material until the next one.
That is why the work took them 3 years.
Almost all the sounds you can here were recorded in the natural way, these are autumn sounds.
The whole mood of the album went through this season, even live instruments, such as violin and accordion, were recorded in fields along with the leaves noise.
“Autumndrones” — is three compositions of mild ambient, careful noise and melodies, the mix of leaves rustle, wind blow and analogue synthesizers’ singing.
This is melancholy, doldrums and infinity.

1 Autumndrones 9:14
2 Breath of Leaves 12:40
3 Sleep on the Wind 6:00

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