Just an Illusion

ZOVIET FRANCE [:zoviet*france:]

2xLP (VOD165.04/5) - VINYL ON DEMAND

Limited Edition 300 copies

That album was first released in 1990 only as CD in a special Wooden Box on Staalplat and was re-released several times by the same label.
Finaly here comes for the first time the vinyl version as a double LP.
A combination of industrial grinding, modified guitar and electronics.
Other tracks apply synthesizers and tape loops with far more sophistication and impact than on the earlier albums.
With longer mood pieces and shorter works that highlight the Middle Eastern and Asian influences which have often lingered in the background

A1 Lief Lulla
A2 Nachtmaal
A3 Wood Shock
A4 Nature but Not
A5 Obscurity on the Line

B1 Ascend a Fall
B2 Caught in the Square

C1 Rays Parallel
C2 Swelled Out Downward
C3 Signing Papal Briefs

D1 Is It?
D2 Mute Moon
D3 Suspicious Stare
D4 Lief Kirn

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