CD Jewel Box (SM 0005) - SOTTOMONDO

Someday the music-therapist and tarot-reader Alessandro Fiorin Damiani was listening to a Throbbin Gristle’s song after he had took some LSD. During that psychedelic experience he thought that Genesis P-Orridge was keeping on shouting just a single word: KIMIKOVA.
So since 1996 Ale F and his pal Maximilian Modolo (the Earache nu-metal band Ephel Duath’s live sound engineer) began to use KIMIKOVA name for their analogue-electronic-music-project.
This full-lenght album is the summary of their psycho-ritual atitude and their analogue electronic instrumentation techno-mania (moog filters, arp odissey and other “sintetizzatori analogici”).
Seven tracks for seven improvisations for seven psycho-melodic dimensions: live electronic music, freak-kraut-rock-industrial jam sessions for the new millenium !

Sounds in the way of Pan-Sonic .
Handnumbered to 300, including sticker, 8 pages booklet and video mpg by Elisa Fabris.

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