L'Animale Profondo



The reissue of Tasaday's second album L'Animale Profondo, originally released by T.A.C.'s Azteco Records in 1986.
Here, the sound is, if possible, even more primal and direct than its predecessor; without compromises. Improvisation takes over...
Free and uncontrollable sounds that tell of an ensemble that was years ahead in European experimental music.
Echoes of Einstürzende Neubauten but also of Throbbing Gristle...
And beyond, in a deep, almost free jazz universe.
Post-industrial sounds that turn into tribal moments with absolutely no control.
Without rules.
Total freedom of expression.

1 Avvolti In Una Mente Devastante
2 Presenza Impossibile
3 Si-Ma-To-Re
4 Le Porte Dell'Equilibrio
5 Un Falso Destino
6 La Sacralità Senza Tempo
7 Luce
8 Lo Struggimento Vuoto
9 Dove Tutto Sembra Perduto
10 Per Ora Non Ancora E Tuttavia In Qualsiasi Momento
11 Un Falso Destino

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