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CD Digipack (IST 074 CD) - DER ANGRIFF

Debut album.
Lamia Vox is a one-woman project that explores the dark occult realms with a very professional attitude to the composition and sound of her audio witchcraft.
This melodic dark ambient alchemically combines elements of ritual percussion inweave into a dark ambient soundscapes to create a unique atmosphere of fading light and a foretaste of the Black dawn.
Despite the ambient basis, this music aimed not to appease, but to inspire.
It is very sinister but surprisingly warm, very emotional, some Evil definitely lives inside of it.
Based on a strict dark concept, this "sound witchcraft" leaves a strong emotional impression and makes you try to remember and uncover some dark forbidden feelings that have been dozing inside your heart. ...

Tracklist :
1 Dozing Citadels Of Kadath 4:53
2 The Ice Of Timeless 7:03
3 False Temple 7:01
4 Metasilentium 7:51
5 Descend 6:58
6 In A Black Candle Flame 5:41
7 Ad Nocte 5:47
8 Follow The Fallen Stars 5:50

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