Marazm;a [Маразм;а]


CD Jewel-Box (SHUM101) - COD NOIZES

Available in February 2020

"Marasm;a" is the earliest sound work of the Bulgarians, bringing down on the listener an avalanche of technogenic psychosis and postmodern satire, quite in the spirit of the early Throbbing Gristle and Industrial Records.
That just worth it a reversed song "Ohrana" (means "Security") from the cult Soviet cartoon "The Bremen Musicians", which Bulgarians turn into the Bulgarian folk song "Onarkho".
In its atmosphere, the album goes back to the roots of Soviet industrial, namely to the album "Playing the Airplane Under the Bed" of the unforgettable project "Communism".
Psychedelic voice samples, vibrations of analog synthesizers, imitation of throat singing, cassette loops, factory noises, robot marches and moans of biomechanical prostitutes.
At the same time, all this abundance of anti-music streams is given in very adjusted doses, not merging into a formless mass. Conceptualism in action.
Connoisseurs know that this project is a milestone in the history of the Russian underground, one of the founders of Post-Soviet industrial, example of uncompromising musical avant-garde, sonic experimentation and manipulation with mind.

1 Представление / Performance 01:26
2 Вечерний Звон / Evening Bell 05:54
3 Радость / Joy 01:26
4 10000/200/20/2 02:10
5 Охота (Таёжная Легенда) / Hunting (Taiga Legend) 05:10
6 Тигры Из Сна (Х.Л.Борхес) / Tigers From A Dream (J. L. Borges) 02:20
7 Любовь И Железо / Love And Iron 04:16
8 От Издательства / From The Publish House 03:08
9 Онархо (Болгарская Народная) / Onarkho (Bulgarian Folk) 01:24
10 Охота-2 / Hunting-2 06:38
11 Заключение / Conclusion 01:38
12 Любовь И Мясо / Love And Meat 04:27
13 Серб И... Молод / Serb And... Young 01:40

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