Mind Over Shadow

THOMAS NOLA [Thomas Nöla]

2xCD Digipak (LPN56) - LAPIN

"Mind Over Shadow" presents an 8-bit cityscape with arcade villains, the sounds of analog synth, robotics and Nöla's most complex recordings to date.
Part one consists of 12 songs about Ronny and the machine, while part two is comprised of 12 instrumental pieces depicting the world he inhabits.
"Mind Over Shadow" comes as a double CD in a reverse-board printed digipak with instruction manual.

1. Ronny
2. The Armless Child
3. The Chairman
4. TrustCorp™
5. Soul2Stone
6. Hero Patrol
7. Mind Over Shadow
8. Shadow Joys
9. My Screen Is New
10. Toybox
11. Florida
12. Ronny's Big Idea

1. Channel 0
2. Fear Management Professionals
3. The Tram
4. Angola State
5. Canal Watchers
6. Bank Of Heaven
7. Overflight
8. Neon Persuasion
9. Transistor/Resistor
10. The Dot Matrix
11. Open 24 Hours
12. Information Bureau

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