Animal Clouds


Music Cassette (LPN38) - LAPIN

"Animal Clouds" consists of instrumental mood music on a limited edition colored cassette housed in a hand-printed chipboard arigatopak with a digital download.

This tape makes the couple with the "Animal Soul" LP, if you want the entire story get both of them.
Pure analogue sounds for the real analogue post-pop Lapin-Freack!

A1 - Dutch Architecture
A2 - Mineral Life
A3 - Añil
A4 - Giraffes in Denmark
A5 - Fear of Wind
A6 - Yoshimoto

B1 - Tropic of Scorpio
B2 - The Dragline
B3 - Black Owl Wax
B4 - Hidden Life of Slumber
B5 - On Vardo Cloud
B6 - African Islands

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