When We Had The Moon

LES PARADISIERS [Thoms Nola + O Paradis]

CD Digipack (LPN28) - LAPIN

After their South Pacific debut (2009's "More Tales From The Garden") and 2010's North African follow-up "Bazaar Creatures", Les Paradisiers take a melancholic trip through the orient with "When We Had The Moon."
As always, Les Paradisiers are Demian of O Paradis and Thomas Nöla.
Wonderful and romantic Folk-Pop with a nostalgic touch ...

Tracklist :
1. One Last Smile
2. No Sunshine
3. My Lover
4. Mary The Pinwheel
5. Eternos
6. When We Had The Moon
7. Planetas
8. Snow On Moss
9. Cosas Del Amor
10. Summer In Siam

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