So Long, Lale Andersen


CD Digipack (LPN 1) - LAPIN

Dust off your cellos and Moogs, little children...
The second full-length album by Thomas Nöla et son Orchestre .
Heavy on piano and cello, it features a wide range of genres, from the "Hi-Hat Men" waltz, to the new wave hit "Henry Pelham" and the climactic title track.
The album features exciting collaborations with Karen Langlie (cello, ukelele) of the futuristic ragtime acts Miss Moonshine, The Sob Sisters, Wisteriax (and plenty more), international synth-pop sensation Dustmuffin (drums and co-production) as well as Melissey Castevet's female backing vocals from the crypt...
Even an inebriated trumpet cameo by half of Radioactive Prostitute. What fun!
This enhanced disc contains lyrics and a music video.
Comes in a digipak with fun artwork !

1 Kinderbund 3:25
2 Hi-Hat Men 3:18
3 Bicycle For Two 3:01
4 Henry Pelham 4:13
5 Washington Allston 4:16
6 The Poison Cameo 3:14
7 Rosy Cross Rag 2:23
8 Foxhole Foxtrot 3:26
9 Down The Well 3:37
10 These Strawberries Are Hideous 3:30
11 Snowy Border Crossings 2:21
12 So Long, Lale Andersen 3:52
13 Und Wieder Geht Ein Schöner Tag Zu Ende 3:33

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