The Cyborg Project


CD-R Digipack (LPN35) - LAPIN

Using original electronic sounds, Galactic Witchcraft paints a portrait that's entirely unique in the modern musical landscape.
With a strong vocal and poetic presence with an overtly conceptual message, "The Cyborg Project" is a call to Deprogram from the social constructions that conspire all around us to control our tastes, our impulses, and what we think our desires are. Reconnecting to the Cosmos and our own power within it to create the Reality Dynamics of our choice, a broader human species can emerge that is actually capable of using the electronic world we live in to facilitate a platform for our highest human capacities and sensibilities, rather than increasingly being turned into a mechanized life form that has become alien to our own instincts and being dictated to by the machines we created. Choose wisely, choose Galactic Witchcraft!
Comes in a 6 panel wallet.
Produced by Stavo Craft and Thomas Nöla.

Tracklist :
1. Transistor Radio
2. Johnny Apocalypse
3. Seabirds
4. We Make Celebrities
5. Holy Water
6. Crystal Faces
7. Cyborg (3 Universes)
8. Invisible Implant
9. Zenyatta
10. Beauty Bomb
11. Outlaw

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