Monuments LP+7"


LP + 7" (SK 30) - STEINKLANG

Limited Edition 150 copies

Brilliant Martial-“Pop“ songs followed by strong and heroic Neo-Classical tracks.
Sometimes very folky, sometimes dark hypnotic and ritual.
Many tracks for the first time with voice, one lovely Folk-Ballad and a dark, rural storm-song featuring STURMPERCHT.
A great mixture of best ACOH-styles, fresh and intense Martial-Neoclassic-Folk.

Limited edition of 150 numbered copies
Includes an heavy Grey 7" Vinyl

§ LP
A1 An Introduction
A2 Ode To Solitude
A3 The Hope Of Truth (Vers. II)
A4 Theme For Play The Game
A5 The New Jerusalem
B1 My Lady's Grave
B2 Theme For Miller's Court
B3 Sudden Closure
B4 Sturm Der Stille
B5 Abatoir (Outro)

§ 7"
C1 March Into Capitivity
D1 The Morning Lays Behind Us

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