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14 feverishly-deranged love songs heralding the coming end of an era.
"VTERVS" features collaborative input from Cloama, SKM-ETR, STROM.ec and Silent_Command, as well as stalwart NTT personnel Mark Kammerbauer (Fragment King), Matt Slagle and Fallon Nieves (Covet).
From within the darkest regions of the heart, insane exultations to soft skin are screamed out through barriers of clotted blood and white noise, as once more, the thin line between obsession and devotion is crossed.
Album comes packed in an exquisite six-panel digipak !

2. I Love The Poison In My Veins
3. Alone
4. He Wants It To End
5. I A Insane, You Are My Sanity
6. Tempting The Darkness
7. What Would I Be Without This Feeling?
8. Sick
9. Reasons For Ratpoison
10. Anything For You
11. Your Eyes
12. Sensory Division And Self Sabotage
13. I Want To Break Your Heart Into A Thousand Pieces
14. I Am My Own Worst Enemy

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