New European Order


2xCD Digipak (OECD 237) - OLD EUROPA CAFE


  • New European Order
  • Stahlkadanz
  • Victory

Finally here comes the re-edition of a cult and long time sold-out album!
"New European Order" was MILITIA's official debut album in 1996 released by the German record label "Praxis Dr. Bearmann".
The band was first discovered by the British noise act CON-DOM, the solo project of Mike Dando.
MILITIA first apearance was a split album with CON-DOM "Scorched Earth Policy" released as a tape in 1995 and re-released into CD format in 2002 by OEC.

Armed with a formidable scrap-metal armoury of oil drums, corrugated iron gongs and detuned brass instruments, this extraordinary Belgian anarcho-eco-vegan collective produce massive pounding revolutionary industrial hymns reminiscent of such old-school greats as Test Dept, SPK and Einsturzende Neubauten.

The album was completely re-recorded in studio starting from November 2017 and using a load of additional percussion, sampled voices, and other instruments.
The title track is a completely different version, all other tracks contain more and different percussions, more lyrics, more additional instruments.
A quite different album  even if starting from the old recorded basis...!

§ CD 1
1. Natura Magica
2. Lebensborn
3. Kampfbefehl
4. Stahlkadanz
5. Sieghymne
6. The Face Of God
7. Necronomicon The Beast 666
8. Victory

§ CD 2
1. Maschinenzimmer
2. Radio Europa
3. Subterra
4. Silezia
5. Pogrom
6. New European Order
7. Retrospectiva And Reveil

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