Energy Exchange



Energy Exchange was originally released in 1991 on Ayers' label Earthly Delights to document a handful of their live recordings.
At this time in Nocturnal Emissions' history, the band was engaged in a blissful yet esoteric ambience heavily influenced by the seminal ambient recordings from Brian Eno. On a few of these tracks, members of the anonymous collective :Zoviet France: make appearances.
The CD version features three bonus tracks which didn't appear on the vinyl.
Handnumbered to 300 copies.

Live recordings from 1990/1991:
Track 1 recorded live at the Lyrik & Billeder Festival in Magasinet, Odense, Denmark, 7th November 1990.
Track 2 recorded live at the Earshot Festival in Newcastle Arts Centre, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, England, 20th October 1990.
Track 4 recorded live in Albany Art Gallery, Albany, USA, 20th March 1991.
Track 6 recorded live in Diogenese, Nijmegen, The Netherlands, 12th April 1991.
Track 7 recorded live in The Bank, Detroit, USA, 23rd March 1991.
Track 9 recorded live at the Ohrenschrauben Festival in Szene, Vienna, Austria, 10th November 1990.
Track 10 recorded live in Birmingham Loft, Pittsburgh, USA, 21st March 1991.

1 Raised Beaches (10:17)
2 Bowl Dance (5:46)
3 Wetback (4:57)
4 Cognition (10:07)
5 Time Slip (7:08)
6 Ringloveio (6:04)
7 Highway Patrol (4:23)
8 Virtual Union (3:54) Featuring - Zoviet France
9 Chimeric Machine (3:36) Featuring - Zoviet France
10 Zombies Awake (5:19)

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