Ophelia (Music Cassette)



Limited Edition 100 copies

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The cassette vesion, limited to 100 copies.

"Ophelia" offers roughly 40 minutes of new heavy and creepy hymns to death, sexual transgression and most of all the aesthetics of the female corpse.
Despite staying loyal to Cervical Smear's very own brand of Post Mortem Noise with both the structured elements of Death Industrial and the aggression of Power Electronics, this album also offers some innovation in the form of some clearer and more musical tracks as well as some audial acknowledgements of some of the sonic pioneers of Death Worship.
Mastered by Studio Hel for best possible results. NB: Intense artwork - Not for the easily offended!

A1  Cold White Bosom
A2  Ossuary
A3  Ophelia
A4  One Hour After The Heart Stopped Beating
B1  Meat Molester
B2  Labia Majora
B3  Embalmed Beauty

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