Summer of our Discomfort


CD Digipack (OECD 167) - OLD EUROPA CAFE


Porta Vittoria is a brand-new duo (Lisa P. Duse and Christian Ryder) which combines high class sounds from different genres and cultures moving between noise and classic, jazz and blues, electronica and ambient: a musical globalism for modern incompatible societies.
But most of all Porta Vittoria deliver a true "Mediterranean pop".
Debut album "Summer of Our Discomfort" also took inspiration from cinema, art and works from writers like Gerard de Nerval, Dino Buzzati, Gabriele D'Annunzio, James G.Ballard, Daniel F. Galouye,Thomas Mann, Stanislaw Lem and others.
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Tracklist :
01. World Crashing Down
02. Moments We Have Stars in Our Eyes
03. Kaziglu Bey
04. Fire in The Boudoir
05. Guenther Lause Ist Nicht Bekannt
06. Concrete Island
07. Death in Venice
08. Captatio Benevolentiae
09. Sad Lieutenant G.D.
10. Le Rêve et La Vie
11. Your Trash, My Treasure
12. Cosmic Melancholy of the Thinking Ocean

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