Tales Of Fallen Heroes


CD Digipack (OECD 234) - OLD EUROPA CAFE

Limited Edition 300 copies


  • Drink the kool
  • Gregor Samsa is dead
  • Roses and rotten flesh

Three years since the release of the well-received debut album "Summer Of Our Discomfort" Porta Vittoria (Lisa P. Duse and Christian Ryder) return with a second full-lenght work titled "Tales Of Fallen Heroes": a brand-new chapter into uncompromising avant-garde experimentation with music genres and literature: mediterranean pop mixed with flashes of extemporization in the key of industrial, ethnic, blues, tango, electronica, classical and martial.
A journey inspired by Fallen Heroes and controversial personalities like Yukio Mishima, Guido Keller, Franz Kafka, William S. Burroughs, Luciano Luberti (a.k.a. il boia di Albenga), Julius Evola, Cesare Lombroso and others.
A must-have for omnivorous listeners.

1. Child of Rising Sun
2. Revolt Against the Modern World
3. The Man Who Speaks with Eagles
4. Drink the Kool-Aid
5. Gregor Samsa is Dead
6. Roses and Rotten Flesh
7. Mickey Finn
8. Lombroso was Right
9. The Algebra of Need
10. Autumn Leaves
11. The Suicide Lover's Song
12. The Moebius Strip

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