2xCD Digibook (IF-71) - INFINITE FOG

Limited Edition 400 copies

PROPHETIA was ATARAXIA's very first tape, dated 1990.
Finally re-released into CD.
To celebrate this album, ATARAXIA have recorded in 2017 three exclusive tracks written in 1989/1992 but never released before.
These old but new tracks keep the spirit of the 90ies with a nowadays feeling.

Double CD in A5 Digibook including a huge number of pages with exclusive pictures of Mick Mercer and Norma Gombok + 2 exclusive photos sessions of ATARAXIA (dated 1990 and 2016), many writings.

CD 1 features the original 9 tracks of PROPHETIA digitally mastered + 3 new songs (The garden of Cyrus, Dusky Daphne, Requiem) as bonus tracks.
CD2 features a 1989 bootleg (live recording) with 6 exclusive songs (Teuflische Mosaikarbeit, Memphitis, Confiteor, Ono No Komachi, Die Suhne, Que no te sienta venir) released on CD exactly as they were.

1-1 Prophetia
1-2 Anno Domini MDLVI
1-3 In Articulo Mortis
1-4 May 16th 1980
1-5 Hommage Funebre
1-6 Kastamonu
1-7 Ozymandias
1-8 Nocturnal Euthanasia
1-9 Teuflische Moasaikarbeit
1-10 The Garden of Cyrus
1-11 Dusky Daphne
1-12 Requiem

2-1 Teulische Mosaikarbeit II
2-2 Memphitis
2-3 Confiteor
2-4 Ono No Komachi
2-5 Die Suhne
2-6 Que No Te Sienta Venir

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