Remarkable Events


CD Digipak (WIN 015) - WINTER LIGHT

Limited Edition 300 copies

Here on 'Remarkable Events', Kloob has brought a darker, much more intense, rich feel to his music, quite different from some of his previous works.
The tracks switch between dark and light and you can feel the influence of his recent Eastern travels, crackling in the air, in the field recordings, in the synth sweeps and patterns and in the sonic landscapes that the album creates and carries you along.
Make no mistake, this is not an album filled with the chants of Hindu monks and the busy clatter of every day Indian life.
It is an intensely spiritual album, which for its duration will take you along the same paths traversed by the artist himself.

"I started work on a couple of songs in April 2016.
The three weeks spent in South India were crucial.
Landscapes, people, exotic locations, ancient customs, the smell of spices, Hinduism... all were very helpful to shape the album.
In addition, field recordings I made provided me with unique and special sounds that represent one of most visible signs of identity of this project.
Track titles show, above all, memorable places where I felt great and things that occurred to me before, during and after travelling there"  --- Kloob

1 Astral Being 08:46
2 Desprendido 07:09
3 Superstition Everywhere 05:40
4 Kochi Sunset 10:07
5 Exhuberante 06:42
6 Magic Tea Fields 06:35
7 Dream World 05:38
8 Zoroastrian Tower Of Silence 10:24
9 Hampi Views 08:07

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