Soliloquy For Lilith [GREEN Re-Edition / 2019]



2019 Re-Edition with GREEN Art-Work

The album was recorded by Steven Stapleton and his wife Diana Rogerson in May 1988.
The only sound source was a number of effects units which he had set up to operate in a feedback loop - there was no original input signal being processed, simply the feedback hum generated by plugging the original chain of pedals back into itself.
However, when Stapleton went near the pedals he found the sound changed in accordance with his proximity to the various pedals and units.
Stapleton told author David Keenan (in the book England's Hidden Reverse) that he had created the album by gently moving his fingers above the various units to create the slow, subtle changes in the sound.
The album title refers to Stapleton and Rogerson's daughter Lilith who was born that year.
Lilith would go on to contribute both artwork and vocals to releases by NWW and Current 93.
Despite being a 3LP set in an embossed box, the album was one of the most successful NWW releases.

The album was reissued as a double CD on United Dairies via World Serpent in 1993 and then again in 2003, this time as a 3 disc set mirroring the box packaging of the original with the third disc containing two remixes of the original material by Stapleton and Colin Potter.
When World Serpent Distribution went out of business in 2004, the 3CD set was reissued by United Jnana (a hook-up between Stapleton's United Dairies and Mark Logan's Jnana Records), this edition was identical in all but catalogue number from its predecessor.

1-1 Untitled 17:56
1-2 Untitled 17:06
1-3 Untitled 17:51

2-1 Untitled 17:51
2-2 Untitled 17:29
2-3 Untitled 17:30

3-1 Untitled 18:54
3-2 Untitled 20:52

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