Love me tender or I will cause pain

STRATVM TERROR [raison d'être]

CD Digifile (OECD 329) - OLD EUROPA CAFE

Limited Edition 300 copies


Rumoured said there will be no more albums and the project is dead.
But no, that would have been too easy.
Stratvm Terror had just gone underground, hiding for their next terrorising attack.
Now they are back after 15 years with their new assault: 'Love me tender, or I will cause Pain'.  

This album is filled with seven oppressive and depressive weird obscurities to ease or cause you pain, depending on your inclinations.
Massive layers of corrosive darkness with occasional injections of ominous noise sounds and claustrophobic vocals makes this an utterly end-of-life experience.

The Swedish doom ambient industrial noise project Stratvm Terror consists of doom metal guru Tobias Larsson (Ocean Chief) and dark ambient master Peter Andersson (raison d'être).
They started the band in 1993 and released a great number of albums in the late 90's and early 00's, on Old Europa Cafe, to finally take a longer break around 2008.
With 'Love me tender, or I will cause Pain' the project celebrates their 30 years anniversary with no happiness, only sweet pain.

Mastering and Layout by Peter Andersson 2023.
Recorded during drunk sessions 2016 - 2022.
All music by Peter Andersson & Tobias Larsson.

CD comes in 6 panels Digfile

Track list:
1.  Venture beyond your own destruction
2.  Neuronal gender damage
3.  Poena ex machina
4.  Pierce through visceral tissues
5.  Back tied innocence
6.  Dismember me
7.  The uncertainties of death

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