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CD Digipack (OECD 177) - OLD EUROPA CAFE


  • A Patch of Fog in Purgatory
  • Closet
  • The Official Picnic Song
  • Relapse

Williams is back !
An undisputed yet controversial cult icon for over 2 decades, David E. Williams continues to expand the boundaries of dark cabaret and neofolk in ways that perpetually leave him as the ultimate outsider of both genres.
As always, his 6th full length release documents the violent dread of every moment for a troubadour narrator on the nexus of existential angst and cultural despair.
The new music ranges from finger-snapping ditties to chamber synthpop to his ever popular piano-driven art songs, with lead vocals by himself and other luminaries such as Andrew King, Lloyd James (Naevus) and Jane Elizabeth (Tesco USA).
Other participants include Jerome Deppe, David Talento, Adrina Hansen, Ken Brune
and Wendy Mittelstadt.
An essential release from this former and current collaborator of Deathpile, Blood Axis and Rozz Williams of Christian Death!

Tracklist :
1. The Official Picnic Song
2. Dashing Habber
3. Quackadoodledoo
4. The Emperor of Ice Cream
5. Closet (with Lloyd James / Naevus)
6. Heat’s down the seeking missile
7. A Patch of Fog in Purgatory
8. What’s Your Scene, Jellybean?
9. Dodecaphonybaloney
10. Relapse (with Andrew King)
11. Peanuts, Candy, a Dog and a Bird
12. Ten Pound Bag
13. Meine Schwester, Die Krankenschwester
14. Turn Off All the Very Hot Things

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