Swanyard [WHITE Vinyl Edition]



The WHITE VINYL version - 3 heavy LP's for the real collector freack!
Album weight: 750 Gr.

Nearly 150 minutes of previously unreleased Coil recordings all written and recorded between 1993 to 1996.
Selected and assembled by Danny Hyde [The sound designer of Coil & th emind behind Electric Sewer Age] from the studio archives.
Commissioned artwork by Steven Stapleton, from a recalled dream by Jhon Balance.

All mastering by Martin Bowes (Attrition) in a Cage Studio.

A1 Spastiche [5:42]
A2 Heaven's 98 Horror mst [11:52]
A3 Siminon Master Backwards (Swanyard demo) [6:28]

B1 Jhon's House Tune from GM Guide - Protection [5:36]
B2 Spastiche (basic) [6:46]
B3 AYOR Master (It's in my Blood) [6:40]
B4 Original Amber Rain (demo) [4:51]

C1 Wur CLK Wir 1993 [2:05]
C2 Crumb Tune (master) [6:00]
C3 The March of Time (extra version) [8:56]
C4 Spastiche - The Night's alive (master) [5:34]
C5 Kusnir Jazz [2:39]

D1 Heavens Blade (John Balance vox demo) [7:25]
D2 Wur CLK Wir 1998 mst vox [18:35]

E1 The Test early mst [2:17]
E2 AYOR (extra version) [4:29]
E3 Elves (master) [6:35]
E4 Heaven's Blade (Inst) 1993 [8:24]
E5 Melotron Song (amber rain demo) [2:51]

F1 March of more Time (master) 1993 [6:27]
F2 Crumb Tune [4:20]
F3 Simon (extra long) [6:10]
F4 Egyptian Basses 1993 [7:18]

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