Symbols and Clouds [Ltd. 700 / Solid Orange Vinyl]


2xLP (BAD VC 36-38-1) - NER

Limited Edition 700 copies

Special limited edition of 700 copies on Solid Orange Vinyl.

Finally re-assembled onto a double LP, the best of 1992's “But, what ends when the Symbols shatter?” and 1995's “Rose Clouds of Holocaust” albums plus 2 rare single tracks from the same period, which is generally considered one of the high points in Death In June's career.
All these songs were previously available on the 2009 limited “Symbols And Clouds Euro Cross”.

A1 Death Is The Martyr Of Beauty 3:50
A2 He's Disabled 4:08
A3 The Mourner's Bench 2:31
A4 Because Of Him 3:47
A5 Little Black Angel (Backing Vocals – David Tibet) 4:17
B1 The Golden Wedding Of Sorrow 3:36
B2 The Giddy Edge Of Light 5:07
B3 Ku Ku Ku (Backing Vocals – David Tibet) 1:52
B4 Hollows Of Devition 3:29
B5 But, What Ends When The Symbols Shatter ? (Backing Vocals – David Tibet) 3:15
B6 Cathedral Of Tears 2:42

C1 Lord Winter 1:24
C2 God's Golden Sperm 4:18
C3 Omen-Filled Season 4:04
C4 Symbols Of The Sun (Backing Vocals – Rose McDowall) 3:34
C5 Luther's Army 3:56
D1 13 Years Of Carrion (Backing Vocals – Rose McDowall) 5:52
D2 The Accidental Protégé 4:48
D3 Rose Clouds Of Holocaust 2:54
D4 Leopard Flowers 4:02

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