Cotidie Morimur [Second Edition]


7" Vinyl (DR-10) - DRONE

A legendary and very original italian post industrial group from the cassette-underground culture of the late 80’s/ early 90’s, who had their one and only vinyl release on Drone in 1995 and a series of other releasese out on OEC !
They were at the forefront of what one could call “archaic drone-noise”...
Their mysterious and monotonic music can be truly classified as real archaic music, evoking emotions of an ancient and fundamental character.
Focusing deep into the ground of human existence, their music is a kind of archetypical expression that is timeless and aesthetic. Perhaps to underscore the quality of their music as its own secret language, the band insists on using latin for their titles.
This EP shows the group working on a more rhythmic mode, with urgent drones and strange harmonies creating and atmosphere of natural mysticism – mirroring the never understood forces within oneself.

Blue vinyl with yellow sparkles.

A Dyskrasía (9:54)
B Ataxía (9:12)

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