The Light is Leaving Us All


CD Digisleeve (twentytwo) - THE SPHERES

This long-gestating new release from David Tibet and his shifting orbit of collaborators is an unexpected late-career throwback to the dazzling and immersive epics of Current 93's golden age.
In Tibet's parlance, it is common for recordings and performances to be described as "channelings" and that seems especially appropriate for The Light Is Leaving Us All, which at times feels like it effortlessly transcends time and space and dissolves reality to open a fleeting portal into an alternate world swirling with unknowable mystery, unearthly beauty, and ineffable sadness.
At its best, this album feels like a motley and wild-eyed caravan of minstrels, actors, and puppeteers unexpectedly appeared in a medieval town to share a vividly haunting, hallucinatory, and deeply eschatological fairy tale that will be the last thing that any of the villagers ever hear.

1 The Birds Are Sweetly Singing 3:46
2 The Policeman Is Dead 5:28
3 Bright Dead Star 4:22
4 30 Red Houses 3:20
5 A Thousand Witches 5:46
6 Your Future Cartoon 2:49
7 The Postman Is Singing 6:00
8 The Bench And The Fetch 4:02
9 The Kettle's On 3:50
10 Fair Weather 4:49
11 The Milkmaid Sings 2:00

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