Those Who Do Not (White Vinyl)



Limited Edition 230 copies

Double 180gm vinyl in glossy gatefold sleeve.
Ltd x 230 copies on WHITE vinyl
Available only via independent record stores!

The sound of the classic period of Psychic TV - featuring Peter Christopherson and Geff Rushton (John Balance) of COIL, this full show is interspersed with recordings of the Pagan marriage between Genesis and Paula P-Orridge conducted by Sveinbjörn Beinteinsson Allsherjargodi.
Psychic TV at their most esoteric, their most ritual, and often most extreme, a perfect accompaniment to the legendary 'Dreams Less Sweet' album of the same year.

"Thee First Will To And Testament Ov Psychick TV. All our works remain interconnected, interfaced, and intentional. Thee Process is thee Product".

These recordings ov a live disconcert by Psychic TV in Reykjavik, Iceland that took place November 1983 organised by HÖH and GRAMM Records, to whom, eternal and infernal thanks all ways.
Out of print for 23 years, this is the ultimate edition for Psychick Youth - meticulously remastered, with the track order finally arranged into what was the original show.

Track Listing:
1. Those Who Do Not (7:24)
2. Attraction Romantique. (7:52)
3. Fear (6:02)
4. Unclean (7:38)
5. Skinhead² (5:58)
6. Thee Full Pack (7:46)
7. What's A Place Like You... 12:21
8. Meanwhile... (3:57)
9. In The Nursery (7:20)
10. Oi Skinhead (6:19)

For thee realisation ov this project Psychic TV were:
Genesis P-Orridge (vocals, violin, noise bass guitar); Alex Fergusson (lead guitar); John Gosling (prepared tape, drums); Godkrist; Grey Wolf; Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson; Thee TOPI Method; Priestess; Peter Christopherson; Geff Rushton
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