Thunder Perfect Mind


2xCD Digipak (UJ 809) - JNANA

One of the ironies of the music of Nurse with Wound is the fact that while Steven Stapleton rarely releases something untouched (hence different versions of CD, cassette and LP editions), he's continuously recycling older materials.
A newly packaged version of 1992's "Thunder Perfect Mind" is available, promised with new artwork and a new remix of "Cold".
While TPM was billed as the sister album to C93's one of the same name, the two are musically unrelated.
The first half of the original CD is "Cold," 23+ minutes of a choppy looped riff with loads of found sounds pasted in as effects or rhythmically matched, like the recurring glockenspiel sample which has appeared many times, reminding me vaguely of a Jaques Berrocal piece whose name I'm blanking on.
"Colder Still" set the grounds for what was soon to become the played out rhythms and interworkings on both NWW albums 'Rock 'n Roll Station' and 'Who Can I Turn To Stereo?'
but on TPM, however, the sound is deep, sparse and is beautifully drawn out to a solid 32¾ minutes.
"Colder Still" begins thunderous and moves through various chilly and captivating moments throughout the duration, much like a surrealistic acid-trip influenced horror film score. It is indeed a trip.
The Miss Ticker mix of "Cold" is this edition's bonus musical addition and honestly varies very little from shorter versions of "Cold:" "Head Cold" (from 'Large Ladies with Cake in the Oven') and "Steel Dream March of the Metal Men" (from the single of the same name and 'Crumb Duck' CD edition).
It's got more grumblings, squeals, EKG sounds, drills, chainsaws and breaking bits, but once you hear that signature repetitious riff, the similarities take more promenance.
Of all the versions this song has taken, "Miss Ticker" is now my favorite as it's the least irritating, most varied and includes a cute voice mail message from John Balance tagged on at the end. As for the new artwork promised in the press release, it's just a digipack with the same old booklet.
- Jon Whitney / Brainwashed

§ Thunder Perfect Mind
1-1 Cold 23:37
1-2 Colder Still 32:44
(Bonus) Various Industrial Adhesives And Lubricants

§ 2-1 Crank 4:33
2-2 Steel Dream March Of The Metal Men 5:35
2-3 The Dadda's Intoxication 6:26
2-4 Head Cold 3:11
2-5 Cold (Miss Ticker Mix) 5:13
2-6 Spooky Loop 8:30
2-7 Alien 3:16
2-8 Colder Than 5:24
2-9 Colder Then 3:38
2-10 Bad Trip In Berlin 7:03

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