Mors Omnia Solvit


CD-R Jewel Box (205REC-896) - 205 RECORDINGS

Truly blasphemous and sinister recordings from Vargr, ripping through 11 tracks in total with apocalyptic abandon, fusing low-fi, chaos filled black metal with hellish, dark noise and even darker atmospheres.
Some of Vargr's best work.
Rare album.

01. Winds of Cleansing I
02. Mitt Blood For Seger
03. Per Silvas Vadit, Caput Lupinum Gerit
04. From the Trenches it Arose
05. Night and Fog Over a Grim Domain
06. Mors Omnia Solvit
07. EìF.F.N.H.R.
08 Song for the Victims of Weackness
09. XXII
10. Ultimatum
11. Winds of Cleansing II

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