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As with many occult electronikx projects the roots ov this band are rather obscure ...
But here a bit of history to introduce you the band :
From the roots of Kriessern Austria, everything started with a band named L.A.A formed by Alzbeth, Andy, and Albin Julius in 1991.
They played 2 concerts and recorded some tracks in studio.
After too many understanding problems, Alzbeth and Albin formed THE MOON LAY HIDDEN BENEATH A CLOUD, and Andy departed to form Vatican's Children with some members of the very first Alzbeth band E.Win and Female Singer Nihal.
Vatican's Children were one of very few bands that seem to fuse genres ranging from extremely depressive gothic-rock to minimal-occult industrial to abrasive late 90's tekno, and pull it off astonishingly..

Tracklist :
1 Satan
2 Rigor Mortis
3 Ice-Machine
4 The End Of The Road
5 Darkside
6 The Shadow
7 The Way
8 A Fragment
9 We Have Nothing To Do With...
10 Try It
11 Das 7. Siegel

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