2xCD Digipack (CSR118CD) - COLD SPRING

A double CD of rare, unreleased, versions, new and unreleased material from German legends Von Thronstahl!
The sounds range from Orchestral, Industrial, Neofolk, military-pop and and martial rock. Around 140 minutes of music presented in a digipak

1. Reisswolf
2. Junges
3. European Amazone
4. Tiefland
5. Waldgang
6. Götterdämmrung In Ruinen
7. Northern Sons Under Southern Skies
8. Germanium Metallicum
9. Stalingrad / Golgotha
10. Hunted, Wounded, Destroyed & Ressurected
11. Deutsche Passion (feat. Uwe Lammla)
12. Deutsche Passion (Full text version feat. Uwe Lammla)
13. Domovino (feat. Bleiburg)
14. Sturmzeit (Schach-Matt-Mix)
15. Cafe Roma Memorial March
16. Gloomy White Sunday (Roberto Leyo Mix)
17. Schuld & Sühne
18. Flut, Trance, Traum
19. Nem Nem Soha (feat. Sturmast)
20. Runes & Men (feat. Sagitarius)
21. Baltic Partisans
22. Alhambra
23. The Saints Are Coming (Video Soundtrack Verson)
24. Ein Tag Durch Den Tross
25. Gamma-Strahlen Lamm
26. Patientin
25 Jahre
27. Mars Macht Mobil II Defile

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