Waist Watchers Anonymous


Music Cassette (NF125) - NEW FORCES

Limited Edition 150 copies

Lusty harsh noise from this long-running Finnish project maybe better known for being released also on FREAK ANIMAL.
Thick crunch combined with a dynamic, fast-paced sound and an active stereo field.
Riding the razor's edge between precision and chaos.
Moozhead presents a fresh take on a classic style.
Noise as obsessive sensuality.

A1 Crack Addict in Booty Land 5:52
A2 BBW Paradise Pulsations 5:06
A3 Runkkupuu 4:52

B1 REM Dreaming (Ripe Enormous Mammaries) 7:42
B2 Namio Harukawa Appreciation Society 7:27

9.00 €
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