La Côte D’Azur


LP Picture Disc (neko 02 ) - NEKO

Re-edition into vinyl format of an old tape by this Italian cult band of the 80es.
Bruit-pop, psychedelic lounge, surreal decadence.

A1 Phrase
A2 Party Me Ending
A3 Echo Echo
A4 Cinemascope In Moscow
A5 Grammar Etiquette
A6 The Phuture
A7 Ventriloquous
A8 Phon
A9 Le Poupèe Electrique

B1 Beaux 'Call
B2 Noir & Colour
B3 8000 Days
B4 Hypnosis Is
B5 Neo Neon
B6 La Coste Azure
B7 The Visit Of The Sea Song
B8 Nontiscordardimé
B9 Le Poupèe Electrique 2

This is rare!
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