Za Shum Ushatar Uglakh

ZA FRUMI [Za Frûmi / Atrium Carceri / Musterion]

CD Jewel Box (None) - TARKI

Za Frumi members Simon Kolle and Simon Heath are most known in the Industrial area for their individual projects : ATRIUM CARCERI and MUSTERION.

Chapter 1 in the Za Frûmi Saga, the Cult masterpiece filled with soundscapes and more ethnic and medieval instruments than one can count, dialogue in Black Tongue.

1. Intro
2. Dushatar
3. Za Kala
4. Za Shulg
5. Nudertogat
6. Albai
7. Vrapogat
8. Interludium
9. Za Ismael Kala (Act 1)
10. Za Ismael Kala (Act 2)
11. Knish Requiem (Outro)

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