Shrak Ishi Za Migul

ZA FRUMI [Za Frûmi / Atrium Carceri / Musterion]


Za Frumi members Simon Kolle and Simon Heath are most known in the Industrial area for their individual projects : ATRIUM CARCERI and MUSTERION.

The third chapter in the "Za Frûmi saga".
This is dark fantasy (Dark ambient) music with dialog in orcish and the language of the dark elves.
The booklet is 20 pages and contains manuscript (translated into English) and story.
More than 20 actors helped out creating this unique dark fantasy experience.
This CD is a step back to Za shum ushatar Uglakh but also a great step forward in production.
All that love dark fantasy, orcs, dark elves and atmosphere should own this highly recomended CD.
In the begining of the booklet one can easily read up on what happened in chapter 1 and 2.

1. Intro
2. Baurukat (Imprisoned)
3. Margim iz za kala (Escape from the keep) » Listen to MP3
4. Bartomat ishivosh (Riding away)
5. Fashati » Listen to MP3
6. Shum narvogtar (Great defeat) » Listen to MP3
7. Immra
8. Interludium 3
9. Za shrak (The gathering)
10. Za shapog (part 1) (The revenge)
11. Za shapog (part 2) (The revenge)
12. Outro

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