Two Worlds : The Challange / Stories of Long Forgotten



Best dark Fantasy-inspired music for (mostly) synthesizer.
"Two Worlds" is the Waerloga debut for both Anabasis & Gargrim the Liar.
Yet it is not right to call this release a split CD as each artist got one CD for their own "world" and release.
Artwork made by none other than John Howe, famous for his work as the leading artist in Peter Jackson´s Lord of the Rings trilogy and other brilliant illustrations.
The music (almost 120 minutes total) of both artists are dark fantasy inspired, cinematic and neoclassical.

CD 1 - ANABASIS "The Challenge"
Inspired by a poem by the English poet Robert Browning Anabasis music paint a wonderful story filled with heroism, adventure, darkness and valor.
Anabasis is not only inspired by the poem, he also "describe" in music personalities and events presented in themes in a Wagnarian way (leit-motives).
You will find a hero-theme, traitor theme, stronghold-theme and so forth.
They all show up disguised in different tempos and different meters.
The music is highly cinematic and instrumental.

Tracklist (running-time 57 minutes):
01. Title
02. The Challenge
03. Skavedal Tavern
04. Roses and Brimstone
05. Enchanted Forest
06. Chasing Traitors
07. Distant Stronghold
08. Decievers Narration
09. Catacombs
10. Calling the Long Since Lost
11. At the Gates 12. Dirge - End Title

CD 2 - GARGIM THE LIAR "Stories of Long Forgotten"
Inspired by Warhammer fantasy roleplay and other roleplaying games.
Most of all one specific campaign which deals with a power struggle among four families and an almost Romeo and Juliet sort of love drama as backdrop.
Don´t get that story wrong and confused with cheasy romantic crap as this story is filled with mysterious killings, endless debates in the council halls, dark deep intrigues on many levels and all takes place in the upper class among the nobility.
The music on this wonderful CD bare hints of such as Ennio Morricone, Hans Zimmer, Klaus Badelt and other Hollywood composers, but with an own style of instrumental stunning dark fantasy music with lot´s of atmosphere and really good melodies.

Tracklist (running-time 60 minutes):
01. Preludium
02. Of Noble Blood
03. Left Alone to Die
04. Carmen Ex Miragliano
05. The Story Unfolds
06. Their Fate Sealed
07. Silvano´s Waltz
08. No Way Out
09. Death of a Father
10. Requiem for Miragliano
11. Tilea Forest (Bonus Track)
12. The Pavillion (Bonus Track)

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